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Texting and Driving

With the advent of cellphones, and more recently, iPhones and other smartphones, more and more drivers are simply not paying the needed attention to the road. The end result, obviously, is a surge in the number of accidents resulting from people talking on the phone, dialing, texting or sending an e-mail. Obviously this is dangerous and when this type of distraction/negligence results in injury to another party, it's important that those injured are compensated to the fullest extent of the law.

Distracted Driver Accidents

We understand the issues when it comes to distracted driver accidents and are committed to analyzing all variables in these cases to obtain the compensation to which you may be entitled to under law. One of the most important aspects of our approach when it comes to distracted drivers is our ability to subpoena any necessary files from wireless voice providers. We have extensive experience demonstrating fault by obtaining any necessary call or data files from these companies. If we're able to demonstrate phone use at the time of the accident, it goes a long way toward demonstrating distracted driving and making a case on behalf of our clients.

Like in every personal injury case, you'll work directly with a lawyer throughout the case and we'll do everything possible to demonstrate negligence and/or distraction to obtain the judgment or settlement to which you may be entitled to, based on the extent of your injury.

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