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Boca Raton Slip-and-Falls Lawyer

Unfortunately, too many property owners don't realize what happens to surfaces when they're not properly maintained. We get lots of rain here in Florida, and standing water can be extremely dangerous. This gets compounded as owners often don't realize that outside surfaces need to have a certain type of grit, grain or traction. Surfaces can be too slippery when water is applied and this can become even worse if the wrong types of paints are used. Foreign substances also cause surfaces to become slippery and dangerous. These surfaces end up like ice and are disasters waiting to happen.

Boca Raton Trip-and-Falls Lawyers

We at Law Offices Scott Young, P.A. have a comprehensive knowledge of these types of accidents and are able to investigate to determine whether the coefficient of friction is adequate, particularly if a spill is involved.

It's worth noting that if you or a loved one has been injured, it's  not necessary to give a statement to a property owner or employee. All too often, clients provide a written or verbal statement to an owner and end up unnecessarily complicating their case.

Our goal is to look at all details in your injury case to determine whether or not the property owners adhered to code specifications on local, state or federal levels, and ensure that your rights are protected.

To go over any slip-and-fall or trip-and-fall personal injury issue with a Boca Raton slip-and-falls attorney in a free initial consultation, call 561-368-1920 or 561-368-1920 and ask for Scott Young or send us an e-mail.